LogRocket is a session replay and performance monitoring solution that helps you understand your users.

With our LogRocket integration, new issues reported through the Marker.io widget can include your LogRocket session URL.

How does it work?

When someone reports a bug through the Marker.io widget, we can capture the LogRocket user session and attach it to your issue inside your project management tool (Jira, Asana, etc.).

It will also be visible on the Marker.io issue page like so:

Enable the integration?

To allow the Marker.io widget to record and pass the LogRocket session URL, simply install both Marker.io's and LogRocket's script tags on the same pages.

  1. LogRocket script: To enable this integration, install the LogRocket script tag on all pages where you want to record sessions.

  2. Marker.io widget: To detect and capture the correct LogRocket session, you will need to make sure that your Marker.io widget is installed on the same pages where the LogRocket script is installed

That's it! We will automatically detect LogRocket and capture it for you!

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