Tired of manually copying screenshots into your project management tools? Often asking the same questions from people reporting feedback?

This is why we created Marker.io, the easiest and most efficient way to capture detailed feedback directly into Jira without ever leaving your website.

Step 1: Set up a fresh new space on Jira.

We recommend setting up a new space by following the steps:

  • Projects

  • Create Project

  • Bug Tracking Template

  • Use template

  • Enter a name for your project

  • Create Project

Now that we have a clean new project set up to receive website feedback, we can go ahead and set up our Marker.io amount.

Step 2: Add a destination

Once you log in to your Marker.io account, you get the opportunity to add a destination. Think of a destination as a way to link your website to your project management tools.

  • Click Add destination

  • Select the Jira integration

  • Connect Jira Account

  • Chose self-managed or cloud (For us, it's cloud)

  • Enter the Jira Host

  • Enter the Jira email

Next, we fetch an API token

  • Click on Get your API token

  • Create API token

  • Type in an API label

  • Create

  • Copy the API token

  • Paste it into the relevant field

Finally, we chose the project within our Jira account to receive the feedback

Step 3: Paste our snippet code onto your website

This step enables the feedback widget on your website

  • Click on “Copy Snippet Code”

  • Open the backend of your website

  • Paste our snippet code anywhere above the closing head tag.

You are now all set to receive feedback directly into your Jira account!

Step 4: An Example feedback from your website.

Let's say I'd like to report that the “Contact Us” button is broken on my sample website. Here are the steps to take to report that.

  • Click on the Marker.io widget

  • Annotate the crisp screenshot

  • Complete & submit the short feedback form.

Step 5: See all feedback magically appear in your Jira Space.

See your detail-rich feedback appear directly into Jira containing:

  • Crisp annotated screenshots

  • Completed feedback forms

  • Automatically captured technical data on all issues, including:

    • The URL.

    • The browser information.

    • The screen size.

    • The operating system.

    • Console logs.

    • And much more!

Step 6: Use our communications portal to contact your reporters

If you require clarification on any issues, you may easily contact your reporter via our built-in communication portal.

Your reporter will receive an email, where they can reply.

All communication will be synced back into your Jira project.

How cool is that?

Step 7: Close issues with ease

One you complete your task in Jira and change the status to "Done", this:

  • Automatically updates your task in Marker.io to resolved.

  • Automatically notifies your reporter that the task is complete!

Wrapping it up

And there you have it. All it takes is the above steps et voilà, your feedback life is about to get so much easier.

Of course, we also have many advanced features, and we will link to those features here shortly.

Any questions, reach out to us at the bottom right on our web pages on Marker.io 🙏

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