Sending feedback on a website where is installed is super easy.

  1. Annotate the screenshot

  2. Complete the feedback form

Here we have a website, and find that the "Contact us" button is not working. Let's report that!

We click on the widget, and it takes a lovely crisp screenshot of the page.

1: Annotate the screenshot

Let's use the annotation tools to highlight the issue.

Here we draw a rectangle around the area and point an arrow to attract attention.

Finally, we add a little text and an emoji!

2: Complete the feedback form

Now it's time to complete the feedback form.

We place a summary ("The contact us button is not working")

And the description box is an area where you can give some additional information.

Depending on your setup, there may be some additional fields to complete.

Try to be as clear as possible with your feedback.

When you hit send feedback, you may be prompted to input your name and email address.

The feedback is now on its way to the developer.

The feedback automatically contains a lot of technical data, including:

  • The URL of the page

  • The device type

  • The Operating system

  • The browser information

  • Screen size

This feedback will sync with your developer's tools, and they will action it from there.

For you, your job is complete, but feel free to report further issues as you see fit!

We hope you enjoy using, and if you have any feedback or need help, take a look at our support website or send us a chat on the bottom right of any of our web pages!

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