How do I secure my widget?

Inside your destinations settings, you can enable domain protection.

Simply go to [DESTINATION] > Settings > Privacy

Why do I need to secure my domains?

If you install your widget on a domain that is publicly accessible, some people with bad intentions could "steal" your widget's code inside your page, and install your widget on other websites. This mean you could get spammed.

With domain protection, your widget's snippet code is unusable on non-listed domains

Do I need this if my site is on a password-protected or local environment?

We recommend to always protect your widget by whitelisting your trusted domains.

However, if you choose to disable domain protection, your widget will work on multiple subdomains.

For example, if you have the following subdomains:

You will not need to add each domain manually when domain protection is disabled.

Can I add domains with wildcards? (eg: *

We currently do not support wildcard domains yet.

However, this new feature introduces a new powerful workaround by allowing to disable the domain protection. This means that your widget will work anywhere.

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