Step 1

Go to Plugins menu inside your WordPress site, then select Add New within your Wordpress Plugin menu.

Step 2

Search for "", you should find the official Plugin in the results.

Install it, then activate it

Alternatively, you can download the plugin and upload it manually from here here

Step 3

Navigate to the newly created Plugin within WordPress and connect your account. This will allow you to connect a destination to your site such as a Trello board, Jira project, Github repository, and more.

Step 4

Authentificate into and select your destination.

Step 5: You're all set! 🚀

Congratulations! The domain had been automatically verified in the background.

Simply visit your site the widget will appear.

Widget not showing?

If your widget is not showing, try following these steps:

  • Clear your cache: If your WordPress blog uses any caching plugins, you may have to clear your cache to make sure the script is added to your site.

  • Verify domain manually: Click on Website domains button inside the widget and make sure all domains - and subdomains like - are whitelisted.

  • Check widget visibility settings: Make sure your widget display settings inside the WordPress plugin are correct. Also make sure to check your widget settings like button visibility and privacy settings inside your admin.

If you still can't make the widget appear, feel free to contact our support.

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