uses a Jira user to sync tools and perform all actions (e.g. create issue, change status, comment).

By default, uses the account that created the destination, assign it as destination account and use it to manage theses actions, especially for Guests feedback.

Here's what we'll cover in this article

Jira permission required

This Jira destination account used needs to have the 2 mains permissions in Jira:

  • Administrator Jira

  • Browse users and groups


These permissions allow us to create webhooks. You can learn more about webhooks here. Additionally, we need to be able to browse users and groups in order to interact with assignees, reporters, and commenters at the project level.

Don't worry, even if we need these permissions, it doesn't mean that Jira users and administrators will have access to all Jira projects across both instances. They'll still only be able to work in the projects you give them access to in Jira.

How to create a Generic Jira account with the right permissions

You can also ask your admin to connect their own account to

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