When a client or end-users submits a new issue as Guest, their feedback goes straight into your selected destination (Jira project, GitHub repo, Trello board, ...).

However, your Guests don't have access to your internal tools. So, after the report is made, communication usually happens by phone or email.

The Guest commenting feature allows your team members to use Marker.io as a communication channel with your guests, replacing old workflows like sending follow up emails.

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact a Guest

When a new issue reported by a Guest appears in your project management tool, you will see a links that reads "Contact via Marker.io".

This is an example issue created as a Trello card, but this link will show with all tools supported by Marker.io like Jira, Asana, Github and more

Clicking this link will lead you to your issue in Marker.io. From here, you can reach out to your Guest by typing a message.

Step 2: Notify a Guest and receive a reply

As soon as you submit a message, Marker.io will send an email notification to your Guest.

After following the Reply to comment button, your Guest will be able to start reaching out to your Team members via Marker.io.

Each issue will have its own conversation thread to keep things organised.

💡 Pro tip: For Guests that will need to submit more than a few of issues, we recommend giving them access to the Guest portal. This will give your Guests access to an overview of all previously reported feedback without the need to reply via the links in each individual emails. You can learn more about the Guest portal here.

Step 3: Get notified when a Guest replies

New comments posted by Guest will appear directly inside your Trello card, or any other tool that we support like Jira issues, Asana tasks, and more.

This is an example comment created inside a Trello card, but this will work with all tools supported by Marker.io like Jira, Asana, Github and more

Also, each time a Guest posts a new comment, all team members that have taken part in the conversation will receive an email notification too.

Step 4: Reply to a Guest

To reply to a Guest, reply directly from inside your issue inside your favorite project management tool

You can also click the link in the notification email.

Step 5: Mark issue as Resolved

When you're done with a Guest issue, you can mark it as Resolved in Marker.io.

Marking an issue as resolved will send an email notification to your Guests to let them know. All status changes will also be recorded in the commenting sections in both Marker.io and your Project Management tool like Trello.

On the left (Marker.io), we can see that a history of all comments and issue status changes. On the right (Trello), we can see a log of each comment and status changes so that your team can keep track of Guest interactions, without leaving your favorite tools like Trello, Jira, etc.

Tips & Best practices

Commenting only works for Guests, not Team members.

When a new issue is reported by a Team member via Marker.io, you will not see the "Contact via Marker.io" link inside your issues. This is because Team members are supposed to have access to your internal project management tool like Jira, Trello, Asana and more.

In order to simplify your process, we recommend that your team members use the native commenting feature of the platform (Trello, Jira, Asana, ...)

1 way sync: Marker.io → Project management tool

All comments posted in Marker.io will be pushed inside your issue in your project management tool. This is helpful to keep track on conversations with your Guests inside your favorite tools.

However any comment added inside your issue tracker like Trello or Jira will not be pushed to Marker.io!

This is a very intentional choice to keep internal conversations private.

Any internal conversations created inside your favorite tool like Jira or Trello will stay private to your team. Guest will only see comments that have been added in Marker.io.

Again this example is with Trello, but these features work with all destination types like Jira, Asana, Github and more.

Change the account used for posting Guest comments

New comments posted in Marker.io will copied into your favourite issue tracker. However, it can be confusing to identify who posted the comment.

Let's take an example with a Trello card to illustrate the challenge and present a solution.

In this example, we see that the comment was posted by a Trello team member called "Gary", where in reality, this comment was posted by a client called "Megan". This is due to a technical limitation as "Megan the Client" does not have a Trello account.

In this case, we recommend creating a new Trello user account named "Marker bot" and connecting to Marker.io.

Now it will look like this:

To set this up, you will first need to create a new user account in your platform like Trello or Jira. Then under your destination's settings in Marker.io, add the new "Marker-bot" Trello user account as the default "destination account".

You will need to add this new trello user with your Marker.io account once, so make so that when you are asked to authenticate the new user, that you use the credentials of the new trello account, not your personal trello account one.

By connecting a generic integration account to Marker.io, your team will be able to identify more easily who feedback is actually coming from.


The Guest commenting helps you close the feedback loop with external stakeholders like Clients and end-users who do not have access to your internal project management tool, while keeping internal conversations private.

This feature works for: Jira, Trello, Asana, GitHub, GitLab, Teamwork, ClickUp, Monday.com, Clubhouse, Bitbucket and Slack.

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