Guests can be project stakeholders like your clients, beta testers, end-users or any other non-technical tester. Usually, they do not have access to your internal project management tool (Jira, Asana, ...).

They can only report feedback into specific destinations

How to collect feedback from Guests?

Method 1: Install widget on your site via javascript

The easiest way to start collecting feedback and bug reports from Guests is by installing your widget via snippet code on pages your Guests can access.

Anyone without a account who can see your widget and report will be considered as a Guest.

However, if you can't access your site's code to embed the script or you want better control on who can report feedback, even on a live environment, you'll need to use the second method

Method 2: Inviting them to specific destinations.

To invite only specific Guests to report, go into your destination access menu and send manual invitation. will send an email invitation on your behalf.

When clicking the link in the email, if we detect that neither the JavaScript snippet code in the site nor that the Guest has the browser extension installed, we'll ask the Guest to activate the widget via our browser extension.

Again, if the script is installed, this step will be automatically skipped.

❓Did you know: You can change your widget privacy setting to only have Guests with an invitation to report, even on a live environment.

How do Guests report?

First, it's important to understand that your guests will use a different form than your Team members. You can learn more about widget forms here.

As for the experience of reporting a bug, it's pretty much the same as Team members, expect with a simplified form.

What happens after a Guest reports?

Each time a Guest submits an issue, will include their email to your issue so you can identify who the feedback is coming from. This is important because Guests do not have an account into your tools like Trello, Jira or Asana.

❓Did you know: Unlike Guests, Team Members can connect and report via their own integration accounts.

Since Guests do not have access to your internal tool (Jira, Trello...), we will give them access to a summary view of their issue inside right after submitting the issue.

This summary view will enable your Team Members to collaborate with your Guests.

From this view, your Team Members can change the issue status (eg: open, resolved, archived) and add comments. will update your Guests via email each time something importants happens, like for example when an issue has been marked as resolved.

Guest Portal

If you want to take Guest collaboration to the next level, we recommend using the Guest Portal. Guests with access to the Guest Portal can view all their previously reported issues and issues from other Guests in a single dashboard.

The Guest portal is available starting on the Team plan. You can learn more about the Guest portal here


To recap, Guests can:

  • Report via the Guest widget form

  • See issue statuses updates

  • Add comments on issues

  • View all past issues in the Guest Portal (only when given access)

Guests are always free and unlimited on all plans. They do not count against your plan’s user quota.

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