allows you to collect unlimited feedback from unlimited Guests.

Each time you update a status or add a comment, will update your Guests via email. For some Guests like agency clients, managing updates out of an email inbox can be challenging and lead to a couple of problems:

  • Lack of overview: If Guests report multiple issues, they will need to manage their bug reports out of their email inbox, which can get overwhelming.

  • Duplicate issues: Because Guests can only see their own feedback via their email inbox, they might submit issues that have been reported by another Guest.

This can slow down client approval.

Thankfully, the Guest Portal solves those problems!

What is the Guest portal?

The Guest Portal allows you to give your Guests an overview of all feedback they have previously reported while keeping them out of your internal tools.

When given access to the Portal, your Guest will receive an invitation to a simplified view of your destination.

Guest view

Why a Guest Portal?

  • Give your Guests a clear overview of all feedback, instead of managing updates out of their email inbox.

  • See all statuses at a glance.

  • Avoid duplicates by allowing Guests to see feedback reported by other Guests.

How to give access to the Guest Portal?

To give access to the Portal, you will need to give destination access to your Guests

  1. Select the appropriate destination

  2. Settings

  3. People

  4. Invite users

  5. Select Guest.

  6. Enter the email address of each guest you'd like to invite.

Feedback visibility

By default, all Guests with access to the Portal can see feedback from other Guests.

Note: Guests cannot see issues reported by Team Members.

Email notifications

When a public reporter submits an issue via, we will send them an email confirmation

When an invited guest submits an issue via, we will not send them an email confirmation They can simply open the Guest Portal to get an overview of all feedback reported.

When an issue has been marked as Resolved, will send a notificat to all Guests and public reporters.


The Guest Portal is ideal for keeping non-technical people, like clients, in the loop, without giving them full access to your internal tools (Jira, Trello, ...).

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