Public reporting Enabled 🌐

When Public reporting is enabled, you will be able to collect feedback from people without a account.

Any visitor that comes across your widget will report feedback though the Guest form.

Is feedback anonymous?

No, when a reporter is unknown to, we will always ask them to provide their email and name as show here:

Can I identify reporters via code?

Public reporters' personal details can be auto filled by having your developers pass their email and name programmatically. Read the technical documentation here.

Alternatively, for widgets installed on CMS like our WordPress plugin, will auto fill reporter's information based on Wordpress user credentials.

Where is the widget shown?

The widget will show on any page where you've installed the snippet.

You can fine tune targeting of your widget by ask your developer to trigger the javascript snippet code only on certain pages or for certain people. For example, you could load your widget for only your paying customers or load your widget only if you're on a testing environment while keeping your production free of the widget

Alternatively, you can hide the widget in your appearance settings and trigger it via:

  • Secret URL parameter (?bug)

  • Secret keyboard shortcut

  • API on you custom elements

  • Browser extension

Public reporting Disabled 🔒

When public reporting is disabled, only logged-in users with access to the destination will be able to see the widget and report feedback.

If you chose this setting, you will need to give your users (Members and Guests) access to the destination first.

Second, you will need to make sure that your Members and Guests are logged into their account.

Did you know? uses a 3rd-party cookie-based authentification method to verify if a user has access to a specific destination while they visit your website.

My client lost his email invite! How can he/she login?

No need to dig though old invite emails. Simply ask users to enter their email here:

We will send them a login code by email. Once they are logged in, the widget will reveal on your website for them.

Widget Security

You can restrict your widget to load only on certain domains. You can read more about this here.

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