Open privacy

By default all new destinations are set on Open.

This means that anyone can report feedback.

If you're looking to collect feedback from people without a account like your customers, end users and visitors, go ahead and install the widget via snippet code and leave the privacy setting on Open.

You can always ask your developer to only trigger the javascript snippet code on certain pages or for certain people in order to fine tune targeting of your widget.

For example, you could load your widget for only your paying customers or load your widget only if you're on a testing environment while keeping your production free of the widget

Limited privacy also offers a solution out of the box to limit the widget to only Team members and Guests that have been give access to your destination.

The Limited privacy setting is perfect for collecting feedback from only specific project stakeholders like your Project managers, copywriters, QA testers or even your clients but don't want to bother with advanced rules in your code.

By selecting the limited privacy setting, your reporters will need to be logged into otherwise the widget won't show.

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