When you add a new destination, we will use your personal authenticated user account to link Marker.io with your projects inside your tool like Jira, Trello, Asana, ...

This means that when anyone reports a new issue into your destination via Marker.io, by default all issues will come under your username inside your platform

We call this user account the Destination account.

How to allow Team Members to report via their own accounts?

👀 We’ll use Jira in this example below, but this feature is available with all integrations that we support!

If your Marker.io Team Members have a Jira account, you can allow them to report via their Jira usernames. Go to your destination [Your_destination_projectName] > Settings > Reporting settings and select the Members’s Jira account.

Now, next time your team members will report into this destination, we’ll ask them to authenticate their Jira account

After connecting their own account to Marker.io, all new issues from Team Members will be flagged under the correct user.

Still not working?

Make sure to repeat the process for each destination. If you have 3 Jira destinations (meaning, 3 Jira projects) you’ll need to change this setting 3 times, for each project.

What about other types of reporters?

This option is only for team members. Clients and external reporters cannot connect an integration account.

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