How can I install the widget?

You can install via snippet code or activate via browser extension

Who can see the widget?

If you activate widget via extension, only Members and Clients that are part of your destination will see it.

If you install widget via snippet code, you'll have to option to allow External reporters as well.

Can I display different forms?

Absolutely! Your Team members will report via the Advanced forms, while your Clients and External reporters will report via the Basic form. Learn more about the different forms here.

Can I link 1 widget with multiple destinations?

Yes! When a Member or Client clicks on the widget, they will be able to select any destination they have access to.

Do reporters need a account to report via the widget?

It's optional. People with a account will be asked to authenticate themselves before reporting but if the reporter’s email is unknown to, the reporter will be treated as an external reporter. (requires snippet code)

Can I disable the widget?

Yes, learn more here

Can I use without the widget?

Yes. Team members and Clients with a account who have been invited to at least 1 destination will be able to capture feedback via the extension from any website.

Do reporters count in the pricing?

External reporters are free and unlimited. Team members and Clients count against your user quota

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