The browser extension is useful to:

  1. Capture from any webpage

  2. Reveal widget (no code required)

  3. Improve screenshot

1. Capture from any webpage

The extension allows Team Members and Clients with a user account to report bugs from any webpage, even when the widget is not installed. Thanks to the extension, reporters will be able to submit feedback from any website and into any destination they have access to.

If you’re struggling to capture with the extension, follow this troubleshooting guide

2. Reveal in-page widget

The extension also allows reporters with a user account to activate the widget on your website or application, without the need to embed a snippet of code in your website.

To disable the extension from revealing on your website domain, go to your widget setting inside your destination.

Learn more about to activate the widget in via the extension or how to remove the widget from your website

3. Improve screenshot speed & quality

When people report bugs or feedback via the widget, will generate your screenshot by using our own servers. The downside is that your screenshot output can vary slightly in rare cases (eg: missing elements) and sometimes might take a couple of extra seconds to generate your screenshot.

Good news is, when the extension is installed on your reporter’s browser, we’ll automatically default to using the screenshot engine from the extension, which is faster and more reliable, even for reporters who might not have a account. That’s why reporters with the extension, will be invited to install it when it’s not detected.

Once it’s installed in the background, it will work like magic and your screenshots will appear faster and in higher quality.

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