First, you'll need to access your widget configuration menu. Go to your account, then Destinations > [your_destination] > widget.

You can also open the quick menu inside your widget and click on Edit widget

Go to the installation section of your widget, and figure our how your widget is installed on your website

How to disable widget via extension?

If the browser extension installation method is activated, the component will be highlighted in green like this:

To stop the extension from injecting the widget into your website, click on Manage settings, then Disable "in-page widget via extension" setting like this:

Alternatively, you can leave this setting enabled, but delete domains from the list just below. However you always need to have at least 1 domain per destination.

"But the extension still shows the widget on my website!"

Since the same website domain can be associated across multiple destinations, make sure to repeat the process for all destinations that use your website domain.

How to disable widget via script?

If the widget is installed via snippet code, the JS component will be highlighted in green like this:

If that's the case, ask someone technical on your team to remove the code from your website.

Alternatively, you can disable it only for external reporters like this:

Keep in mind that logged-in Members and Clients will still be able to see the widget though.

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