Team Members

Team Members are users that are invited to join your team. They will have access to all the destinations (projects) for your team, unless specified otherwise.

These users would be your internal team such as your Project/Product managers, QA testers, Developers or Designers. They are typically your trusted work colleagues!

Team Members can:

  • Add new destinations

  • Change any settings (billing settings are only for admins: see below)

  • Configure your widget

  • Report via the Team widget form

  • Report via their personal integration user account.

  • Invite Guests to specific projects/destinations.

  • Update statuses and add comments on issues submitted by Guests.

  • Access console logs recordings on issues

  • Report from any website use the browser extension

Members do count against your plan’s user quota.

ADMIN: Team Members with Admin permission can do everything normal Members can do, plus they can also manage billing, plans and workspace settings. These permissions are represented by the “Admin Zone” menu inside the account setting page.


Guests are users that can only report feedback into specific destinations.

Guests can be project stakeholders like your clients, beta testers, end-users or any other non-technical tester. Usually, they do not have access to your internal project management tool (Jira, Asana, ...).

You can collect feedback from Guests by:

Each time a Guest submits an issue, will include their email to your issue so you can identify who the feedback is coming from.

❓Did you know: Unlike Guests, Team Members can connect their own integration accounts.

Since Guests do not have access to your internal tool (Jira, Trello...), we will give them access to a summary view of their issue inside

Your Team Members can change the issue status or add a comment, and will update your Guests via email.

Guest with access to the Guest Portal can view all their issues and issues from other Guests in a single dashboard.

To recap, Guests can:

  • Report via the Guest widget form

  • See issue statuses updates

  • Add comments on issues

  • Report via browser extension (only when given destination access)

  • View all past issues in the Guest Portal (only when given access)

Guests are always free and unlimited on all plans. They do not count against your plan’s user quota.

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