External reporters

External reporters are public visitors and end-users who report bugs via your widget’s basic form.

Allowing external reporters requires installing your widget via snippet code.

Anyone who submits feedback without having a Marker.io account, is an External Reporter

External reporters are always free and do not count against your plan’s user quota.

External reporters receive email notifications after submitting a bug, and when a bug has been resolved. They can also communicate with your team via issue comments (coming soon)

Tip: Did you know that you can still install your widget via script snippet code, but hide your widget to external reporters, even on live websites? Learn more here.


The Client role is perfect for people outside your organization, but who are still important stakeholders in the project. Think of it as an advanced version of the External reporter role.

Like External reporters, they submit bugs via the basic form.

Unlike external reporters, Clients do need a Marker.io account and must be invited to individual destinations.

Having a Marker.io account with limited access to destinations allows Clients to:

  • Access a feedback dashboard
  • View all past issues that they’ve ever submitted
  • View issues submitted by other Clients and External reporters,
  • See the widget via browser extensions

This role is most commonly used by Agencies who need to give their clients more visibility into the progress of their project, while still keeping them out of their internal tools (Jira, Asana, Trello,...)

Clients do count against your plan’s user quota.


Members are users that are invited to join your team. They will have access to all the destinations (projects) for your team, unless specified otherwise.

These users would be your internal team such as your Project/Product managers, QA testers, Developers or Designers. They are typically your trusted work colleagues.

They can create new destinations, configure the widget and can invite Clients to specific projects.

Members can update the status of bug reports submitted by Clients and External reporters.

Members can report feedback from any website and into any destination.

Members do count against your plan’s user quota.


Admins can do everything members can do plus, they can also manage billing, plans and workspace settings.

These permissions are represented by the “Admin Zone” menu inside the account setting page

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