is a bug reporting solution for your favorite issue tracker.

Digital teams use to report, reproduce and resolve bugs faster.

Whether you need to collect feedback from your clients and end-users, or help your internal testers speed up manual QA sessions, will help you streamline your bug tracking process, without driving developers crazy.

How does it work? helps you manage the lifecycle of a bug, from start to finish in 5 easy steps:

  1. Notice a bug: A reporter like a client, an end-user or an internal tester sees a bug and clicks on the widget to report it. (You can easily control who can see the widget)

  2. Reporting a bug: The reporter annotates a screenshot to explain to problem and fills out the widget form.

  3. Centralizing bug reports: All bug reports are logged directly inside your favorite issue tracker to avoid duplicate issues across different tools. (Learn more about how destinations work)

  4. Reproducing a bug: Bug reports created via includes everything developers need to reproduce a bug (screenshot, console logs, browser/OS info, page URL)

  5. Notifying bug resolution: When bug reports are created by someone outside your organization who does not have access to your team’s issue tracker (Jira, Trello, ..), developers can notify them in 1-click and will send a resolution email.

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