Testing a website usually requires the contribution of people from different backgrounds, such as technical testers (QA, PM, Developers), non-tech colleagues (marketing, support, sales…), and external contributors like clients, beta-testers, end-users and more...

These people should all be able to report bugs, but they all have different needs and requirements. For example, internal testers such as

  • Designers might need to always assign the right developer
  • QA testers might need to organizing bug reports under certain sprints, epics or milestones.
  • Project managers might need to categorize bugs under certain internal labels
  • Marketers might need to reference certain internal ongoing projects when reporting a copy error

On the other hand, external contributors such as clients and end-users need to be able to report bugs and submit feedback without being given access to these internal sensitive fields and value.

Basic form Vs Advanced form

Because different reporters have different needs, Marker.io allows you to set up different forms based on who is submitting bug reports.

Basic form

The Basic form is a simplified widget form for people outside your organization. Sensitive fields from your issue tracker cannot be turned on.

Advanced form

The Advanced form is a comprehensive form for internal team members, and all fields from your issue tracker can be turned on.

Tip: Did you know that both forms are always synchronized with your issue tracker? Learn more about how forms work here.

Tip: If you’re a Jira user, you will have multiple advanced forms for each Jira issue type.

Who can see which form?

You will widget automatically delivers the right form to the right person based on their role inside Marker.io

They are 3 mains user roles in Marker.io:

  • Members
  • Clients
  • External reporters.

If the person reporting bugs via the widget is an external reporter or a client, they will always see the Basic form.

If the person reporting via the widget is a Member, AND they are part of the destination associated with the widget, they will always see the Advanced form.

Learn more the difference between these roles here.

I’m not seeing the correct form!

If you’re a Member and you’re seeing the Basic form make sure to:

  • Log into your Marker.io account in the background
  • Make sure you have access to the destination

If you’re still not seeing the right form, fill out your bug report via the basic and when asked to provide your email address, enter the one used for your Marker.io member account. When submitting, Marker.io will recognize the email address and ask you to log in.

Also make sure your cookies settings in your browser allow cross domain linking by following this guide

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