Table of content:

  1. Setup your project

  2. Invite clients

  3. Collect feedback

  4. View feedback dashboard

  5. Update status

Step 1: Setup your Client's project

First, you'll need to add a destination. Think of a destination as an existing client project inside your favourite tool that you pull into

Select your favorite integration, then find your existing project to connect with We support all types of tools like Jira, Trello, Asana, GitHub, Gitlab, and moreā€¦.

Also make sure to enter your client's website.

Step 2: Invite your client

Invite your client to report feedback on their website from your destination setting. Go to Destinations > [YOUR_DESTINATION] > Users > Add Users > Client Role

Your client will then receive an email inviting them to start reporting feedback on their website

Step 3: Collect feedback from clients

First, your Clients will be asked to install Marker.'io browser extension. It literally takes 3 clicks.

Once the extension is installed, your clients will be able to send you feedback directly inside your tools

Step 4: Clients can view feedback

All your clients will have their own feedback dashboard where they can see at a glance on overview of all feedback that they've ever reported. If you have multiple clients working on the same project, you can chose to extend or reduce visibility per person.

Clients can also click on any item in the list and get a detailed view of their issue, much like what your team members can access, but with less information and more restrictions.

As you can see all sensitive and technical information is hidden and only includes:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Page URL

  • Screenshot

Step 5: Update Status on your Client's feedback

Now, as your team members complete tasks and issue, they can let the client know something has been fixed, update the client status, and go back to work.

Clients will immediately see the status updated and can even filter issues to only see the what is still open.

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