In April 2019, we introduced new plans for, together with changes in our pricing structure. Since this price update might have resulted in a significance price increase for some existing customers, we want to clarify why and how this price change will happen. 

Am I affected by this change?
If you became a paying customer before April 4th 2019, this pricing update might concern you. Furthermore, if you are affected by this update, we did send you a couple of emails in May 2019 to explain our reasoning. 

What's changing?

All features & integrations are now accessible in all plans. We've decided - based on the many conversations that we've had - that the best way to price was against the total number of reporters.

What is a reporter?

Reporters are people who can report feedback into your team's issue tracking tool like Trello, Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Asana, Bitbucket and Slack. Both internal testers and external contributors like clients are counted as reporters.

How much will the new plans cost?

The new plans are priced like this:

  • Starter: 10 reporters: $59 per month or $588 per year
  • Team: 50 reporters: $99 per month or $948 per year
  • Organization: Unlimited reporters: $199 per month or $1908 per year

All plans now include all integrations and all features!

When do I have to pay the new price?

Although all customers have been enjoying all the features and benefits from our new plans since April 2019, the price variation will only kick-off on your invoice after July 1st 2019

On this date, your subscription will be updated and the price change will be reflected on your next billing period. Until July 1st 2019, you will continue to be billed at your current plan selection, unless you manually change your plan in which case you'll be billed at the new price.

How can I view and change my plan?

You can review your past invoices and update your plan in your billing details section here.

What is I have more question?
Simply launch the chat messenger in the lower right corner on this screen and it will connect you to someone on our team.

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