Before we start, you need to know that this new issue type can be applied to an Issue Type Scheme (which can be applied to many projects) or to a certain project. This tutorial is to help you create that issue type and link it to an Issue type scheme.

Here is the guide:
First, make sure to know what is the Issue type scheme of your project. We'll need it later.

It can be found here:

Now head over your issues types in your Jira settings and add a new issue type for your reporters.

Now, we're going to add this newly created issue type to the issue type scheme of our project

Drag the Client issue type to your current scheme. (From right column to the left) and Save.

Head over to your screen and add a new screen.

And now, configure the fields you want to see in this screen. These are all the fields that your reporters will have access to. Make sure to always at least include Summary and Description for to work properly.

It auto-saves, so when you're done you can head over Screen schemes. We're going to add a new screen scheme.

Name it with the same informations as before and choose the project default issue screen.

Now, you should be redirected to the configuration of this screen scheme. Click on associate

Set it up as Create issue with you created issue screen

Now, go to your Issue type screen scheme and look for your project issue type screen scheme and click on configure

Click on associate

Associate your issue type with your screen scheme

You're done! 👏

Next time you capture a feedback with and select this new issue type (Client Issues), you'll seen your correct field in this issue type and correct destination. 

To do so, check out this guide we wrote here

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