Guest reporters in Non-technical stakeholders? Just want the essentials?
Let’s get started

  1. Inside Jira go to global Settings > Issues.

  2. Click Add Issue Type and create a new issue type (eg: Client Feedback)

  3. Go to Issue type scheme settings, find your Jira classic project and click Edit.

  4. Drag your new Issue type into your project’s current scheme.

  5. Next, go to Screen settings > Add Screen

  6. Pick the fields you want in this Issue type, (e.g. Summary, Description, Priority). Keep it simple :) ❗️But always include at least Summary and Description.

  7. Go to Screen Schemes > Add Screen Scheme, create a new Screen scheme (e.g. Client Feedback screen scheme) and link it to your custom Screen (e.g. Client Feedback Screen).

  8. Go to Issue type screen scheme and click on the Jira Classic project you are looking to use your new Issue type with > Associate an issue type with a screen scheme  > Select your new issue type (e.g. Client Feedback) and its Screen scheme, then click Add

  9. 🎉 Congratulations! You created a new custom Jira issue type with only selected fields, scoped to a specific Jira project. *Self pat on the back*

  10. Finally, try capturing a screen with and testing it out. Don't forget to go to your guest settings inside your Jira destination and select the new issue type for your guests.


🔃 If you want to apply the same Issue type configuration to other projects, start again from step 6 by selecting any other project.

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