syncs your Jira field screens in real time. So when a field (or field value) changes in Jira, we will reflect those changes instantly to your reporters.

In Jira, the issue type  (Epics, bug, task, ..) is what defines which fields should be displayed in

If you want to show only certain fields to your reporters, we recommend creating a new generic issue type like Client feedback  and associate a specific screen scheme (Jira's terminology for field layout). 

Here's how:

Steps to decide which fields to show to reporters

  1. Create a new issue type in Jira called Client feedback 
  2. In Jira, define which fields you want to associate with this new issue type. We wrote a guide to show how to do that in Jira, step by steps here.
  3. Once the new issue type is set with the correct fields, go to and open the Jira destination for which you want to show the new field layout.
  4. In the Guest reporting settings, select the new issue type you created in step 1.

When you're ready, invite your guests. Now when your guests report feedback through, they will only see the fields you defined in Jira.

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