The first quarter of 2019 has been intense at! We shipped lots of new features for admin users, giving them better control over their reporters, destinations and team settings.

Let's dig in!

👩‍💼Guest reporters

Guests are external project stakeholders from whom you can collect website feedback directly into your issue tracker, without the need for them to have access to your Trello, Jira, GitHub, Asana, ...

  • Use case: Perfect for external and non-technical stakeholders like clients.
  • Integration: Guests can report feedback into your issue tracker without needing an account.
  • Experience: Guests have a simplified and minimal reporting experience

If you're an agency working with clients you are going to love how easy it is to collect actionable and visual feedback from your clients.

You can control which destinations they can see and report feedback into.

The whole point of guest reporters is to get them to submit feedback directly from their website into one of your destinations, without asking them to connect an account. The connected account will be set by the admin like this:

When inviting guests, they will receive an email inviting them to start reporting website feedback directly from their website. No more complex on-boarding.

We also simplified the experience of reporting a feedback from them with a minimalist editor as you can see here:

To invite guests, go inside one of your destination in the reporters section.

For a full overview of the differences between a Members and Guests reporters, read our article here

➡️ 3 Improvements to destinations

Destinations has been one our most substantial innovation last year, but with it came a few challenges. We listen to your feedback and rebuilt them from the ground up to better fit your workflow and needs

1. Ability for team member to report via personal accounts

In the past, every single destination was always associated with a single integration account. This meant that everyone reporting into a shared destination was actually sharing the same reporting account, creating a ton of confusion as to who the report really was.

In this new update, it's now possible to have multiple team members report into the same destinations, but all using their own personal integration.

⚠️Important note for existing users!

All existing destinations created before APRIL 4th 2019 were migrated with the reporting setting set to "team generic account". If you want your team reporter to use their own personal integration account, we recommend changing the reporter settings inside each destination. Do doing so,  next time your reporters try to report feedback into a destination, we'll ask them to authenticate with their personal integration account once.

For those reporters like clients or non-technical colleagues who might not have a personal integration account like Trello, Jira, Asana,..., we recommend switching them as Guests reporters.

2. Consolidation of destinations across entire team

In the previous version of, you could either list a destination as personal (only you could see it) or shared (everyone could see it). The problem was that personal destinations were duplicated across members and shared destinations were hard to control: you couldn't decide who had access to it.

In the new update, we removed the distinction between personal and shared destinations. No more shared or personal destinations, only destinations with a certain number of reporters inside them that you can control.

3. Invite members (and guests) only to specific destinations

When you add a destination, you can decide which members and guests can report in it. It gives your better visibility into how many reporters can actually report into this destination. No more privacy problems about reporters being able to seeing other destinations.

👥New user roles & permissions

We also worked to simplify existing roles and permissions. There are now 3 types of permissions: Admins, Members & Guests.

Admin: Can manage destinations, invite reporters, configure templates, change team settings and access billing. Can do everything a Member does. (Note: you can now also have multiple admins, which wasn't possible before)

  • Perfect for: Managers

Member: Can report feedback into destinations via their personal integration accounts. Cannot change settings nor invite reporters.

  • Perfect for: internal team reporters

Guest: Can report feedback into destinations without needing to connect an integration account.

  • Perfect for: non-technical contributors (eg: clients)

To update your reporters' permissions, head over to your reporters' page here in your admin

💰New pricing

We've spent a lot of time talking with customers and we discovered that the best way to price our service was around the number of reporters, namely based on how many people can report feedback into your team's issue tracking tool like Trello, Jira, GitHub, GitLab, Asana, Bitbucket and Slack.

All plans now include all integrations and all features.

The only difference in tiers is based on the number of reporters.

  • Starter: 10 reporters: $59/mo ($49/mo if paid yearly)
  • Team: 50 reporters: $99/mo ($79/mo if paid yearly)
  • Organization: Unlimited reporters: $199/mo ($159/mo if paid yearly)

Note: Guests do count against your plan's quota of reporters

If you're an existing customers we want to make the transition as smooth as possible. Nothing changes to your billing today. Even though you are now able to enjoy all features included in the new plans, you won't see any price increase on your invoice until JULY 1st 2019.

You will continued to be billed at your current plan selection until then, unless you manually change your plan in which case you'll be billed at the new price.


In short, here are the few things we've been working on:

  • Guest: Invite non-technical reporters like clients to contribute feedback
  • Destination improvements: Get better control over your team, integrations and workflows
  • New roles: Grant relevant access to your team.
  • New pricing: Better alignement between value and cost.

Since it's been a massive update, we re-initiated a 15-day free trial to all non-customers accounts.

As for existing customers, if you have any questions or concerned, we're happy to jump on a call with you to educate you on these changes and help you define the best workflow for your team. Simply book a 15-min meeting with us here.

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