Why should you use Custom Fields?

Custom fields are a great way to make your boards more specific and customized. You can add new field types, like projects or deadlines, with custom data relevant to your teams!

Let’s see how you can create custom fields in Trello and make those fields available in Marker.io to encourage your team & clients to report actionable feedback.

How to add custom fields in Trello

Note: When writing this article, you need to be on a paid plan from Trello to enable custom fields.

  1. Choose the Trello project where you wish to enable your custom field(s)

  2. Select “Show Menu” on the top right

  3. Select “Custom fields.”

  4. Here you can select some suggested fields and add them directly to your current project. The suggested fields are:

    1. Priority

    2. Status

    3. Risk

    4. Effort

  5. As well as the above, you can create your own custom field by selecting “+ New Field.”

  6. Give your new Field a Title.

  7. Select a type for your new custom. The types include:

    1. Checkbox

    2. Date

    3. Dropdown

    4. Number

    5. Text

  8. You can also show this new Field on the front of each card. This is useful if you do not wish to open your Trello issue to see this custom field.

And that’s it. You now can add as many custom fields as you wish to your Trello issues.

How to enable your custom fields from Trello on your Marker.io forms

Now that you have custom fields enabled on Trello, it’s a simple matter of unhiding that Field on your Guest and Member forms on Marker.io.

  1. Select the relevant Trello destination

  2. Widget Settings

  3. Guest form (Or Member Form)

  4. Unhide the custom Field by clicking on the eye icon beside the Field.

  5. Save your form.

Now you can report issues from your website and include as many custom Fields from Trello as you wish.

Happy reporting!

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