When should I use API Token instead of a password?

  1. Google Apps: If you use Google apps to connect to your Jira account, you will need to generate an API Token to authenticate as you do not have a Jira password available.

  2. Two-step auth: If your Jira authentication requires two-step verification, you must generate and authenticate using an API Token.

  3. New password: If you regularly change your Jira password or need to reset it, API tokens are more reliable and offer better security control

How to generate an API token

To generate a new API token:

  1. Log into your appropriate Jira account

  2. Go to https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens and select "Create API token."

  3. Give your new token a suitable name.

  4. Click "Create"

Note: When using the API token method, ensure that you are logged into your correct account

In many cases, you may like to create a separate Jira user (eg."jira-marker-io-reporting@yourcompany.com") for logging tickets on Marker.io. Ensure that you are logged into Atlassian as this user when generating your API token

In Marker.io, connect your Jira account using your Jira host, Jira email, and API token.

Not working?

If you cannot connect your Jira account to Marker.io, check this doc or contact us on the bottom right of any of our pages. We'll be happy to jump on a call to help connect your Jira account!

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