Here are 2 solutions that fix most of the known issues related to the capture.

First, if your browser window freezes after clicking the browser extension and you are unable to capture the content of your screen, it might be because your browser does not allow cookies from third-parties like

In this case, you will need to enable the cookies in your browser settings.

Open your Google Chrome and go to the local URL: 


Then find the Block third-party cookies options and disable it here:

If you still want to keep the Block third party cookies setting enabled, you need to whitelist our website and our extension and will work as expected. Here's how to do:

In the Allow section, click Add

And add:

  1. Our extension :

  2. Our website:

Everything should work perfectly now. If it's still not the case, please check out this second way of fixing the capture.

If there is a popup asking you to reload the page when you click the extension like this one:

Here what you need to do: 

  1. Right click on extension

  2. Click on "This can read an change site data"

  3. Select "On all sites"

The issue is that need to add a script when you click on the extension to work. If you don't allow this option, it can't work properly because the website can't communicate with the extension.

Everything should work perfectly now. If it's still not the case, please contact us and we'll look into it together!

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