Scenario A

"I want to upgrade and become a new customer"

Great news! 

You will soon be able to enjoy all our unlimited features and premium integrations for you and your team.

Scenario B

"I'm a customer and I want to upgrade to a bigger plan"

If you already have a paying subscription with us, you can visit the upgrade page in your account here or go to your team setting page an invite people. 

You can also go to you team setting page and invite more people to your plan. If you invite more people than what is allowed by your plan, we will automatically upgrade your subscription to the next plan. If you want to understand how you will be billed, refer to this article.

Scenario C

" I'm a customer and I want to downgrade/cancel to a smaller plan"

Before you can downgrade to a smaller plan, you need to make sure that you do not have more active users that your future plan includes.

For example, if you are on a 20-user plan and you currently have 18 active users including yourself, you will need to remove 8 users before you can downgrade to the 10-user plan.

If you wish to cancel, remove all your team members from your plan and send us an email at

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